How to be mindful

By our resident artist @lovetheark 

By our resident artist @lovetheark 

Mindfulness is a term we see more and more in recent years. It is an abstract yet simple concept to understand. Being mindful, in simplest explanation, is to be aware and stay focus on whatever you are doing. As simple as counting each step while walking and noticing it but nothing else. 

So, how to be mindful and apply it into daily life?

A million dollar question. We as modern age multi-tasking generation, can barely find a moment of stillness and quietness, let alone be mindful all the times. So how do we start? I sometimes take few minutes to clean my jewellery, to polish the worn-out silver, to organize my jewellery pieces, and only keeping the pieces I love most. But an easier way is to pick one thing out of your daily routine. It can be the morning walk you take to work every day- even if it's just round the corner.  Start by noticing your walk, and count each step.  It sounds silly but once you get into the routine of being aware of yourself and your environment, you start noticing so much more than you realize.  When you are eating, try to pay attention to how each bite or sip tastes differently to you  - do you taste the tomato sauce in the pasta? do you feel the creamy texture in your cake?  what does that chocolatey taste reminds you of?   Feel it. 

Remember, one step at a time. We all walk, we all eat, we all have a moment that we can choose to "switch off" for a little and focus on how you feel. As time goes on, you will find it easier to apply this to more aspects of your life, and watch your own transformation.