How to have a mindful Christmas?


It's almost Christmas, how can you be mindful during Christmas?

We have a few suggestions or tips. 
1. Gifts
Instead of last minute shopping, buy something thoughtful or even consider DIY. Remember the whole point of giving someone a present is the effort and thoughts behind. If you cannot find anything, be honest and open and buy nothing. 

2. Decoration
We know decorating the tree and home can be very exciting and fun, how about trying to think long term? Buy some pieces that you can reuse next year, and the year after. Or buy a fake tree instead of a real one that only last for a season. Use battery operated lights to manage the energy usage better.

3. Party
We all want to feed our loved ones a massive feast of food and mulled wine and alcohol. For this year, try to spend some time to plan better in advance. Do we really need to refill our plate twice for every dish? Do we really need to have 10 courses and 15 sides? Can we organize better aiming to have just enough food for everyone and not having too much leftovers behind? 

These are just some very simple suggestions for consideration. 

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