MFM Insights- Pippa Roberts- Fashion Director of Push PR London



We had the joy of speaking to Pippa Roberts, Fashion Director at Push PR on minimalism, jewellery and mindful lifestyle. See what a busy lady who runs multiple fashion brands in a creative PR agency does to keep her sharp at all times.

What is “minimal” to you?

Minimal for me stems from the notion of ‘buy less, buy better’ – conscious consumerism meaning that I investment buy. I have to really love something and know that it will have a meaningful purpose. It helps to declutter the soul.

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?

Listening to your body. I have been known to push myself too far and have finally learnt to stop and recharge. Having time on my own is now my greatest luxury. My mind works at a hundred miles an hour and therefore cannot connect with meditation. A quiet space and a good book is meditative enough for me!

What does jewellery mean to you?

A form of self expression – I love how it instantly complements your wardrobe. My daily outfit mainly consists of black, navy and grey and therefore jewellery is my go to depending on my calendar dates. I am not one for OTT jewellery but have an eclectic mix of vintage pieces passed down from my Mother, pieces picked up at antique fairs and gold minimal pieces from the likes of some high street brands. I like my jewellery to mean something.

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?

My mum has the most beautiful sapphire and diamond gold ring which one day will be mine. It was originally her great great grandmother’s engagement ring and has been passed down through generations, continuing its personal journey!

Describe yourself


Your job


Your daily routine


Your current state of mind


Are you a jewellery person?


Your favourite “Me” time activity


Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Yellow gold

Pearl or Diamond


Gold of silver


The one thing you cannot live without (anything)


The one piece of advice that you live by/ give in life

Treat others as you would like to be treated (my motto since I was 5 and didn’t understand people being mean when I started school!)

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