Stepping into history


When you visit a place, have you ever wondered what is the story behind places? Everything with history adds a level of depth to its appeal. This Friday we are loving the Ruby Bar in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Ruby is placed in an old townhouse from 1740 in the oldest part of town, facing the parliament buildings and Thorvaldsens museum. The building has been used for many purposes during the years; everything from a book press to private bank and even part of the cultural ministry. Most importantly is the fact that the Danish Spirit Producers (Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni) was founded here in 1882 and formed itselves here with Tietgen, Christian Oleson and Isidor Henenius as the founding fathers. A timeless atmosphere with great cocktails, it is one of the places that you want to hang around for hours with friends or people you enjoy being with.