3 tips to help you sleep better

Image Source : Interiors Addict

Image Source : Interiors Addict

Chances are, every now and then we have issues falling asleep or staying asleep. It is very common but it can affect your daily life and even health in a long run if it persists. Today we have 3 simple tips you can try that we think may help you sleep better. 

1. Work out how much time you need for a full night's sleep, set a target bed time, add another 20-30 mins to that and allow yourself to slowly wind down in that 20-30mins before bedtime. Try sticking to this schedule to let your body clock get use to it.

2. Try different things before bed that can relax you - hot bath, listening to music, meditate, writing down all negative emotions or worries of the day on a paper then throw it away, read a book, or simply lie down in bed and breathe. Alternate or stick to whichever work best for you for that 20-30 mins before bed.

3. During the day, be mindful about what and when you eat, drink and do. If you know caffeine can give you a boost, cut it down after 6pm. If you know exercising will make you very fresh and energized, do it in the morning. 

Every little habit adds up. It is not going to miraculously change overnight, your mind and body takes time to learn and adjust the new pattern. Give it some time, and try not to stress about it (we know it's very hard). 

Sleep tight!