MFM Crush- Thorning Astrup Aarhus

Image Source :  Thorning Astrup  

Image Source : Thorning Astrup 

Thorning Astrup was established in 2014 by industrial designer and architect Maja Thorning and digital designer Niels Astrup in Aarhus, Denmark. Focusing on developing their own signature stone cast mix, all pieces give a soft, smooth and lightweight feel. The unisex jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Aarhus. With a very Nordic, edgy and minimalist with strong references to geometry, northern nature and architecture, the brand has managed to build a very distinctive DNA. Inspired by diversity and the uniqueness, every piece is slightly different but maintaining a consistent design. 

We admire the design duo because they were not afraid to be different and created something innovative. As a young emerging brand, having both the persistence and flexibility is crucial to find their own place in the industry.