Inspire : to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it: ; to make someone have a particular strong feeling or reaction: or to give someone an idea for a book, film, product, etc. according to Cambridge Dictionary.

Image source from Pinterest.

Image source from Pinterest.

We often think of “inspire” as a big word- let’s change the world, let’s disrupt the system, let’s create something new etc. Truth is, inspiring someone starts from you and me, it starts from within. The only thing we can do is to set an example by being the change we want to be. If you want to change the way you communicate, start from yourself. If you want to slow down and live a less stressful life, start with looking into your schedule and lifestyle and change. If you want to make a change to the eco-system, start with being more environmental friendly. People around you slowly will see what you are doing in action, and will be inspired to do the same or start making a change in their lifestyle. That is how you inspire people efficiently, the world is in a massive chaos now there are things we cannot do or even have a say.

Never underestimate the ripple effect one person can do. You are the inspiration, be it big or small, start within yourself.