MFM Insights- Freelance Consultant- Julie Siegemund

“|I love the idea of having one new output every day. The fresh content brings people back to the platform to discover new things. “ We Spoke to Julie Siegemund, a freelance consultant about mindfulness, fashion and art.

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What do you do?

I work as a Freelance Writer for several Art, Design & Fashion Magazines as well as a PR-Consultant for Conceptual, Avant-Garde Brands.


What is “minimal” to you?

The absence of noise, thus rich in silent details.

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?

Being aware of yourself and your surrounding.

What does jewellery mean to you?

A memory: Items, which touch a very particular spot within your heart.


If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?

A present I got from my parents, which is a unisex combination of rough silver rings crafted by the Munich-based Brand Werkstatt:München.

In one word answer the below questions:

Describe yourself



Your job

Freelance Writer / PR-Consultant.

Your daily routine



Your current state of mind



Are you a jewellery person?


Your favourite “Me” time activity

Feeding my brain.

Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Yellow Gold.

Pearl or Diamond


Gold of silver


The one thing you cannot live without (anything)

My tactile, auditory, olfactory & visual sense.

The one piece of advice that you live by in life

Grow your emotional intelligence at the same pace as your intellect. Be compassionate.