And so the adventure begins


Welcome to M for Minimal! 

We picked the beautiful necklace with 0 for a reason. 0 is the beginning, it is both all and nothing. In numerology, 0 is a powerful number, because it is also the gateway to infinity. It also comes a full circle, going back to where it started. 0 represents emptiness, by being empty, you have space to fill in more. M for Minimal believes in simplifying life, not only this minimalistic mentality is represented through our selected jewellery, but also the lifestyle we live . The less you hold on to, the more you can be. 

We begin our adventure on 11/11 11:11 for many reasons. Other than it is easy to remember, it is a powerful sequence of number that signifies independence, self-determination and self-sufficiency. 1 also resonates with our concept - one item a day, one thing at a time, one day at a time., the Oneness. 

Every encounter is a reunion after long-separation. Here, we encounter for a reason - be it the love for exploring new things, an admiration of the Scandinavian lifestyle, the practicing of minimalism or the passion for jewellery. It is precisely the things we share in common that brings us together. This collectiveness of a community is powerful, we support each other, we share with each other, we grow together. This is empowerment. 

M for Minimal is a place where like-minded people gather. It is an area not only to shop beautifully made minimal jewellery, it is also to be inspired by the freshness of this slow-living lifestyle.  Everyday we sell only one item, and we update only one article. 

It is with this gratitude of all the support and help along the journey, M for Minimal is finally here. I hope you will find something you like here every day, and taking a moment to breathe, remember the luxury in life, are sometimes the littlest moments. 

On this very first visit, I want to thank you for coming across this platform. Let the adventurous journey begin.