MFM Insight - Hilary Ip - Founder of Eastfeng London

Today we spoke with a fierce and gorgeous young entrepreneur, founder of fashion brand Eastfeng London - Hilary Ip. After many years of working in luxury lifestyle and fashion PR, Hong Kong born, UK raised Hilary decided to go after her true passion and started Eastfeng last year, bringing contemporary Korean fashion to London. See what the super cheerful and fun Hilary shared with us on minimalism, jewellery and mindfulness. 

Hilary wearing EastFeng 

Hilary wearing EastFeng 

What do you do? 

I'm Hilary- the Empress of an affordable, comfortable and contemporary fashion line from the East called Eastfeng London - nice to meet you!

What is “minimal” to you?

Simple, clean, stripped back.

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?

To me, being “mindful” means being in tune and conscious of one’s thoughts and emotions. A mindful lifestyle would be the constant practice of recognizing and appreciating what you have got and realizing what needs to be achieved. 

What does jewellery mean to you?

It is an extended expression of my personality - delicate at times, bold the other; either way, shiny and sparkles. 

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?

I ADORE everything and anything that sparkles and shines. I also love creating things with my hands so I think I’d have to go with a sparkly ring on my hand. This way I get to always admire and be dazzled by the beautiful piece of jewel.

Describe yourself

Your job

Your daily routine

Your current state of mind

Are you a jewellery person? 

Your favourite “Me” time activity

Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
Rose Gold

Pearl or Diamond
Diamond (allllll day, errrrday!)

Gold of silver

The one thing you cannot live without (anything) 
Bank card (lame but true)

The one piece of advice that you live by/ give in life
Got to do what makes YOU happy. People are going to judge regardless. Your closest and dearest wouldn’t care if you fail, they only care if you’re happy.