MFM Insights-Daniel Jacob- Model and Nurse Student


Today we spoke to Danish fashion model, freelance fashion writer and nurse student Daniel Jacob about minimalism, jewellery and mindfulness. How does someone who lives a stressful and demanding full time school life and also a regular in Copenhagen Fashion Week finds his balance in everyday life? 

What do you do? 
Nurse student and Model

What is “minimal” to you?
Minimal for me can be reflected in everything from art to house décor to jewellery and I believe, that if you live in a deliberately minimalistic environment, it promotes harmony and peace in your soul.

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?
For me a mindful lifestyle is putting your own body and mind and your interaction with others in focus, treating your body like your own temple, work out, reflect on your relationships and meditate. Remember to listen to your own body and most important remember to have self-compassion.

What does jewellery mean to you?
Jewellery for me is a way to express yourself, so if you want to be over the top, you can wear pieces with a lot of colours, but if you want to be more subtle and simple, you can wear a minimalistic piece.

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?
It would be Charlotte Mielkos Saturn Oxidized ring with Gold. It’s a minimalistic dichromatic piece, with a lot of expression, but yet very simple. 

In one word, can you

Describe yourself

Your job

Your daily routine
Hot shower

Your current state of mind

Are you a jewellery person? 
No - but I got my favorite pieces

Your favourite “Me” time activity 
Chilling Cartoon

Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
Rose gold

Pearl or Diamond

Gold of silver

The one thing you cannot live without  

The one piece of advice that you live by/ give in life
Play with pieces, buy different pieces and play with layers. It can give a Beautiful movement and sketchy twist of a minimalistic piece.