Mindfulness and Nature

Photo Source : Levi Lapland  Facebook

Photo Source : Levi Lapland Facebook

Have you ever wonder why there is always a sense of calmness when you are in the snow or on the slopes? Many studies have found that being in nature helps regulate one's emotions, stress level and health. The simplicity of nature, the openness, the fresh air. 

When you feel stressful, a very quick and simple way is to take a walk in nature. Go to the woods, go on the slopes, have a walk in the park, go to the beach. Just do nothing and feel how you feel. Being there can remind yourself to slow down and to clear the mind. If you have more time, plan a trip to spend a few days in the countryside, or somewhere remote. Your mind will thank you for that.

There is so much we can learn about the nature, so much depth to it. One thing that does not change is that the nature is always here, every moment you experience with the nature is the present moment, it cannot be planned, or controlled. Mindfulness is very much about being here and present, at this moment. So next time when you are on the slopes skiing or snowboarding, feel the moment, be there. Just take a deep breathe.