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In conversation with girlboss Hilary- founder of Eastfeng London

Support and collaboration is key to growth and expansion. We all know how stressful it can be starting a business and being an entrepreneur, juggling between all things possible and almost impossible. So we had a little collaboration with girlboss Hilary, who founded the London based Korean street wear brand Eastfeng London. Catching up with Hilary about how her journey as an entrepreneur on a Saturday afternoon over some fun mixing jewellery pieces from MforMinimal and outfits from Eastfeng London.

Jewellery is fun and accessible, just like any casual outfit that we wear on a daily basis. It is easier to mix and match different pieces than it appears to be, just have fun with it!
Read on to see what we talked about.

How are you going to spend a mindful Christmas?

Go offline (or as much as I can). Focused on having quality time with family. Listen, be part of, and enjoy everyone’s company :) 

What would you tell yourself a year ago when you were about to start your own business?

Be fearless. Trust your instincts. Nothing ‘really’ matters. 

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle, with all the travelling, managing staff and running a business?

This is something that I’m still very much working on. I have definitely had sleepless nights about this, but I have come to realised that it’s okay to not achieve 100% on every aspect of life. Be mindful not put so much pressure on yourself that you drown or crush. By all means thrive for it, but always be appreciative of your own efforts.

If you can change one thing in your life at the moment to make it even better, what will that be?

Have the opportunity and time to be even exercise my creativity. Be even more conscious of my limits and my wellbeing. Know when to say no. 

How do you pick your jewellery to match with your outfits?

Depends on the look I’m going for. If I feel like asserting my presence, I’d go for a simple outfit matched with loud, OTT jewellery. On an everyday basis, I like delicate, dainty pieces.