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Beautiful Beginning

I really love this image that our resident artist @lovetheark draw for us. 

It is made with a lot of thoughts and love that sends a very simple yet beautiful message : beautiful beginning. 

A lot of us feel the Monday blues, we have all been there. Some say Monday doesn't suck, the job sucks. True that, if you actually enjoy what you are doing, it doesn't really occur to you which day it is in the week. Some may even find it exciting- it's another 7 days ahead that you can create the week you want to live. Even most of us are bound by the office hours, meetings, never-ending stress and work, we can still take a moment to imagine it better.

Try breaking the days down into small sessions, bite-size tasks. Have a plan if possible on the priority of each day's to-do list, that way it helps to make you feel what is waiting ahead of you more manageable. Just like every piece of jewellery was a beautiful beginning of the designer. From concept brainstorming, budding ideas, sketch, production to completing the final piece. Each step was mindfully planned, one step at a time, and that was the beginning of something beautiful.

Everyday is a new beginning, you have 7 times in a week to imagine that. If it is going to be a long boring stressful day, at least bring a happy mindset to work and make it more enjoyable? 
Have a lovely week ahead. And remember to breathe.