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MFMLoves- Eremito

It is only the 4th day of January, and we know you are already secretly planning your next holiday. We have a really good suggestion for you- that is if you are up for a total digital detox and full-on retreat. 

Eremito  Image Source : Eremito 


Image Source : Eremito 

Eremito, means hermit in Italian. It is also the name of the hotel we absolutely love. Hidden in the mountains in the heart of Umbria, this place is the world's first luxury design hotel made for solo travellers, meaning all rooms are originally designed for single occupancy only. The beauty of this place is it is a recreation of a 13th century medieval monastery, exposed raw brick wall, candle lights with basic electricity and no wifi or network connection at all, it is THE representation of life's basic essence. The ideal minimalistic lifestyle. 

The first-hand experience, it is DIVINE. The silence, the hidden yet openness within mountains, the simplicity and fulfillment of fresh vegetarian meals, home-made fresh food, meaningful conversations with other random travellers (or not during the silent dinner ), is beyond words can explain. One may ask, what do you do there?  Precisely nothing. Well, you can have a little hike and explore the mountains or river nearby, or climb up to the rooftop and stargaze, moonbathe. But that's about it. They do offer detox yoga classes or healing workshops from time to time, but the whole point of being at Eremito is to take time off from everything in the city, on your mind, and just enjoy. Think, reflect, meditate, zone out, like what monks used to do in the monstery. 

Image Source : Eremito

Image Source : Eremito

If there is one place you really have to go for a genuine wellness travel experience, this is it. It sounds very extreme and hardcore, but if you find yourself making an effort to take 2.5 hours train from Rome and then another 45 mins drive over there- chances are, you will love it and be so reluctant to leave that place. Switching back on your non-stop mobile phone? That's literally the last thing you will want to do. You may find our founder there at some point, heard she is a big fan and a regular.