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MFM Insights- Meghan Ryan, Lifestyle and Fashion PR

Today we have Meghan Ryan, a young, beautiful and vibrant PR insider from Beverley Luckings PR whose clients include Rankin and brands such as Coco de Mer. Working alongside high profile and experienced clients, Meghan shares with us what is minimal lifestyle, mindfulness and jewellery to her. 


What is “minimal” to you? 
Less is more

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?
To be aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions and physical surroundings, to take what you have every day as a gift and appreciate what you have and the life we live in.

What does jewellery mean to you?
A sentimental piece as well as a fashion statement that you can wear according to your own individual taste.

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?
Something special with a memory or sentimental value, any type of jewellery which can be worn with love.

In one word answer the below questions

Describe yourself
Broad Minded

Your job

Your daily routine
Aim high

Your current state of mind
On the ball

Are you a jewellery person? - 

Your favourite “Me” time activity

Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
Rose Gold

Pearl or Diamond

Gold of silver -

The one thing you cannot live without (anything)

The one piece of advice that you live by/ give in life
Be yourself no matter what