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MFM Insights- Fashion & Lifestyle PR Guru- Beverley Luckings

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all."  Cit Nathan W Morris

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We had the utmost pleasure to speak to Beverley Luckings today on jewellery, minimalism and mindfulness. Being the global head of PR of Rankin Photography and Hunger Magazine, her job includes high profile and experienced clients, celebrities and brands. Juggling between a demanding career, family and splitting time between UK and Italy, Beverley still manages to stay on top.

What is “minimal” to you? 
Less is defiantly more

What is a mindful lifestyle to you? 

You reap what we sow. Tomorrow is coming, so being mindful of everything you do both to the environment and in your decisions is something I try to be aware of every day living.

What does jewellery mean to you? 
Jewellery for me is either a statement piece or an amazing, subtle additional must have accessory to an already perfect look.

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why? 
An inherited family piece of jewellery such as my late father’s wedding ring, as it represents a very personal memory even if it as material thing of that person.

In one word answer the below questions

Describe yourself
Work in Progress

Your job

Your daily routine

Your current state of mind

Are you a jewellery person? 

Your favourite “Me” time activity
Jesse (my son) 

Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Pearl or Diamond

Gold or silver

The one thing you cannot live without (anything)  

The one piece of advice that you live by/ give in life