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MFM Crush - Ebba Brahe

We all love a little love story. Here is one for you.

Image Source : Ebba Brahe 

Image Source : Ebba Brahe 

In the 16th century Sweden, a young Swedish king Gustav II Adolf fell in love with a beautiful countess with a great character, a woman of the court and had a great interest in fashion and jewellery named Ebba Brahe. The king's mother never accepted Gustav II Adolf’s love for her, although he sought to marry her, it was never allowed. As a sign of his affection, he gave Ebba Brahe a magnificent pearl necklace. When she died at the age of 78, she had successfully managed the running of several estates, castles and a mining business as well as giving birth to 14 children. 400 years later, the necklace remains in the possession of the family and still bearing witness to the romantic secret. 

This family is the family of the Creative Director Charlotte Ramel, the woman behind Ebba Brahe Jewellery brand. Very fascinated by the love story of her ancestor since she was a little girl, channelled this inspiration into her jewellery design. One of the most significant collection, is, of course, the Pearls Collection. A brand that celebrates powerful and modern women, and love. The brand is still very loved by the current Swedish Royal Family Members! 

Image Source : Ebba Brahe Facebook

Image Source : Ebba Brahe Facebook

Charlotte Ramel  Image Source : Ebba Brahe

Charlotte Ramel
Image Source : Ebba Brahe


"My dear love Ebba,

I hope you got my gift.
The jewellery symbolizes my love for you.
Your personality is like a beautiful pearl,
unique and not like anything else.
Your beauty shines brighter than a perfect cut diamond.
Do always remember this, your uniqueness makes you.
Not your house, work or dress.
I’m sorry for everything.

You will always have my heart, your King Gustav" 


Ebba Brahe Image : Ebba Brahe

Ebba Brahe
Image : Ebba Brahe