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MFM Crush - Maria Black
Image Source : Maria Black 

Image Source : Maria Black 


It's Wednesday again and today our crush is Copenhagen- based Danish designer Maria Black. 

Maria's jewellery brand Maria Black has expanded quickly in the past few years, not only her products are beautiful and smart, they are also very versatile that allows the freedom to mix and match. Some of our favourite pieces, especially her signature earrings and ear cuffs, are very cleverly designed that make you think. So clever that she had to demonstrate on how to wear some of her pieces, but once you get it, it is the most beautiful pieces you do not want to take them off. From the twirls to the link-earrings, they are fun to wear and easy to style with. 

"I hope that the old traditions can morph together with the new technologies, to create something spectacular never seen before in the jewellery design world. I try to look to the future with a sound knowledge of the past to create something that is now, Maria Black 2017" 

Her personality translates quite a lot into her designs- fun, classy, edgy and cool. She takes her work seriously but she keeps the fun part of it. Despite being one of the most sought after brands and designer in Denmark and UK, Maria still maintains her sense of humour, down-to-earth personality and edginess, and this is why we also love and respect her so much. 

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