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MFM Insights - Reena Rai - Luxury Brand Marketing Manager

On our very first article of MFM insights series from true fashion insiders, we spoke to Marketing Manager and Blogger, Reena Rai about minimalism, jewellery and mindfulness. 

What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is a wonderful way to express yourself. In the past, I have gone for a more-is-more approach and layered on rings or necklaces but nowadays, I prefer clean, simple pieces of jewellery. My most treasured pieces always have a meaning, whether it’s a piece with a mantra inscribed or something which belonged to my grandmother.

If you can only own one piece of jewellery, what will that be, and why?

I have a bangle which used to be my grandmother’s, it means so much to me. My Grandmother helped to raise me when I was young so I have always had a really strong connection with her. I treasure anything that makes me feel closer to her.

What is “minimal” to you?

For me, minimal means clean, simple and luxurious.

What is a mindful lifestyle to you?

Mindfulness means living with awareness - being in tune and connected with yourself and slowing down to appreciate the world around you. Living a mindful lifestyle in a city like London is challenging but it’s so essential to minimise stress and avoid burnout. In order to be mindful, I try to focus on being present. Meditation is great for this but I also try to be mindful in every day moments too whether it’s taking time to savour a cup of tea, focusing fully on one thing at a time or just checking in on my breathing. One of my favourite things to do is just stop and take everything in. There is so much beauty around us. Yesterday, I visited the Tate and I admired the beautiful architecture and the way the sunlight shone through the windows as much as the paintings on the walls.


In one word, please tell us about...


  • Yourself
  • Your job
  • Your daily routine
  • Your current state of mind
  • Are you a jewellery person?
  • Your favourite “Me” time activity
  • Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
    Yellow Gold
  • Pearl or Diamond
  • Gold of silver
  • The one thing you cannot live without
  • The one piece of advice in life that you live by or give