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MFM Loves- Coworth Park
Image Source : Coworth Park Instagram

Image Source : Coworth Park Instagram

Last week we talked about how being in nature helps to balance the mind and emotion, you may think that being in the city, it is not as easy to be totally in nature. True, and it is a small effort you need to make to get out of the city. 

A very great place that we love, and highly recommend, is Coworth Park in Ascot, England. Only around 40 mins train from Central London, you arrive to complete tranquillity. On the borders of Windsor Great Park, the luxurious country house hotel is a perfect place to pamper yourself, to take your mind off the buzzing city life and to rejuvenate. 

If you fancy staying over a night or two, you will not be disappointed; and if you just want to be in nature for a day, enjoy the picturesque scene, have a stroll in the park and do a bit of hacking, you will be grateful that you did. It is an effort worth making. Your mind will be so relaxing when you are there and in return more focus when you get back to work.