MforMinimal was born with the idea of minimizing life. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of living. Taking minimal designs, practicality and timelessness into account, every piece is hand picked by the founder to add a little effortless charm into your style. 

Minimalism is not just a style, but a lifestyle, a concept. 
De-cluttering your belongings, expanding to your living environment and mindset, it is a process of streamlining to the essence and gaining clarity.  Quality matters. 
To streamline everything, MforMinimal is designed to only offering one item a day.  This allows time and space to focus on the beauty and the character of that item.  Let it sink in.  Give it a moment. 

Minimal is luxury.  Coming from a place where the privileged ones can have the option to filter down and filter out what is essential, there is a choice; and having a choice is luxury.  

We believe that having the time to choose is also luxury, especially in the modern era where everything is instant.
Patience, thoughts, persistence. These are the qualities that we need to remember in the immediacy, they also represent the qualities of the designers behind every product listed here. 

Let's be mindful.  Going back to the basics, remembering the beauty of life's essence.

We also believe in giving back,  we will work with a different charity organization regularly and donate a percentage of overall income. 


About the founder 

Photo Credit : Mikkel Völcker 

Photo Credit : Mikkel Völcker 

Having been a fashion editor and stylist for a decade,  working at ELLE Hong Kong and,  Ophelia has expanded her territory from fashion, beauty to travel, lifestyle and interior.  With an in-depth knowledge of the industry and global network she built throughout all these years of work and travels, MforMinimal was born.  

Splitting her time between London, Copenhagen and Hong Kong, her understanding and experiences with different cultures made her realised what is important in life- the basics.   A little suffocated by the information overload and immediacy of how the industry has turned into since her early days, she started to filter down what is necessary in her daily life.  One thing at a time.  One day at a time.  As therapeutic as it is to clear out her closet, she decided to adopt the same concept for shoppers.  

A passionate jewellery lover herself,  along her fashion journey she made a lot of friends in the industry, each and everyone of them a talented creator of their own. Genuinely believing and admiring the beauty of these designs, she created MforMinimal  heavily inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, hoping to create more awareness of these classic beauties, yet keeping the essence of their minimalistic aesthetics.