Swedish Grace Midnatt Skimra Earrings

Swedish Grace Midnatt Skimra Earrings


Handcrafted earrings made from recycled silver and Rörstrand porcelain.

Rörstrands most timeless style icon- Swedish Grace designed by Louise Adelborg launched aldready in 1930. Its structured wheat decor is just as modern now as then and is still produced in many different colors. Midnatt (Midnight) is the newest hue. The porcelain in our jewelry is made exclusionary and straight from the manufacturer Rörstrands production. In any way defected and not sellable porcelain is upcycled and given new life as beautiful jewelry.

Material: Recycled silver and porcelain. Zirkonia.

Size porcelain: 8 mm 17 mm

Size Zirkonia stones: 6 mm 10 mm Size silver hoops: 40 mm

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